The present clock was made by Leeson of Coleshill in 1877. It strikes the hours, chimes Westminster Quarters and shows time on two 5 foot diameter flat copper dials, one over the West door and the other on the north side.


The original weights were housed in a small shaft leading down to the church porch below but the pendulum and escarpment were removed and the clock was converted in 1973 by Smith’s of Derby to operate using a synchronised motor for the Going train and direct electric drive motors for the Strike and Quarters.


It has been serviced by the Derbyshire based clock maker/repairer Richard Blackwall since 1999. Since he semi-retired it is now serviced by the Cumbria Clock Company.



St Peter's Church, Harborne, Birmingham, West Midlands, B17 0BB

Charity Number 1140018

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