Greener St Peters



At St Peter’s we want to live more responsibly in God's world both as a church and individually. As a church we will be asking for more to be done to consider the environment by discussing local environmental initiatives with our councillor and MP.

Eco church Bronze award

We have joined the A Rocha eco church award scheme  and have been awarded the bronze award (July 2021). A huge thank you to the team for their hard work in achieving this. 

As we journey on to the silver and gold awards we'll continue to look at five key areas of church life:

Worship and teaching

Management of church buildings

Management of church land

Community and global engagement



How can you get involved?

Sign up for monthly emails We will send you information and practical day to day ideas. To sign up please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your ideas We want to hear your ideas and what we should be doing – please email us!

Weekly tips Look out for our weekly tipsin the parish pew sheet and Facebook, on how we can all live peacefully and sustainably to value and protect God's creation.

Monthly Topics Each month we’ll look in detail at a topic and what you can do to help.

The Greener theme for June is greener gardening. Do read the article in the June magazine. 

Tip: Make your own Whitefly and Greenfly Spray with a little bit of washing-up liquid in water in a sprayer (99p from Wilko). Keep those roses clear without nasty chemicals. Even better if your washing-up liquid is an eco-variety!

As the world faces the threat of global warming and we all examine our lifestyles to think about ways we can reduce our individual impacts on the planet, Lent offers us a chance to try something new. This might be:

  • Reducing your energy consumption by wearing an extra jumper and turning down your heating by one degree
  • Using your washing machine at 30 degrees for the week
  • Mend some clothes to avoid having to buy new ones
  • Buy a reusable coffee cup and take it out with you

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