Following the re-discovery of a set of handbells in 2006, a group was formed. They perform at the summer and winter tea parties for the older parishioners, and at Christmas and Easter. Anyone interested should contact Maggie Davies, 0121 681 1940. See the diary for rehearsals which take place fortnightly on a Monday evening, 7.30 - 9.00pm.


A brief history of how the 'little bells' came into being:

A set of handbells was donated to the church by a Mrs Tilley. They belonged to her husband who was a bell ringer and churchwarden from 1898 to 1918. They had been looked after as they came in a wooden box with each bell in a homemade cotton bag labelled with the bell number. After re-locating them in 2004, the bells were repaired and retuned at John Taylor in Loughborough and a brand new case for them was acquired, thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor. Taylors were able to tell us that we have a diatonic 12 bell ring in B flat with the lowest tenor bell weighing approximately 12 Ibs. The treble is an F weighing about 10 oz. Although these numbers are according to the grand 5 octave classification, when ringing 12 bells it is customary to call the bottom bell number 12 and the top number 1. Apparently most of the bells were actually made at the Loughborough foundry although two came from different places - one from William Slews in Birmingham and the other from James Shaw in Bradford.




St Peter's Church, Harborne, Birmingham, West Midlands, B17 0BB

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